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Owner/Dealer Principal

Dave Isbell, Owner and Dealer Principal



Justyn Kyle, Toyota Service Advisor

George Rodriguez, Toyota Service Advisor



Collin Morse, Toyota Sales Consultant

Lee Debolski, Toyota Sales Consultant

For more then two decades I have found fulfillment in the automobile industry.  I started in 1984 and have enjoyed it ever since.  The challenges of helping someone find the right vehicle and all that it entails have become a real comfort zone for me.  The excitement on a person's face as they take delivery and the confidence earned when they return to me for their future purchases or service needs is priceless.  Here at Grand Blanc Motorcars we pride ourselves in just that confidence.   Our brands are of the highest quality and so are our people.  These things make it a joy to be at work. 

When I am not working, I find real grounding with my beautiful wife, Maria, and our two wonderful children.  Our children are not little anymore and have established themselves into adults with fulfilling careers of their own.  Our son, Ryan, is a professional photographer.  And our daughter, Nicole, is an acclaimed architect in the country of Dubai. 

It is my personal goal to help you find your perfect vehicle, and I look forward to seeing the excitement that it brings!

Ryan McCaughna, Toyota Sales

I have been working in the automotive industry for the last 2 1/2 years.  I started at Grand Blanc Motorcars as the car porter, and soon found myself getting to know our customers by name and vehicle, as well as I learned a lot about the vehicles we sell, by being the person that stocked in the cars as they were delivered. I got involved with Sales because I enjoy meeting new people.  I, also, enjoy being around the automotive industry.

I will do anything to make sure I get the customers business.  By that I mean I will work as hard as necessary to get my customer the best price, great service, and have an ongoing good relationship that will last through the years and through their next new vehicles.  As a Sales Consultant for Grand Blanc Toyota I feel confident that I am selling the best automotive product that I can.

Jamie Willis, Toyota Sales Consultant

I graduated from Holly! I am still fairly new to car sales; but I absolutely love it and am very excited for my future here.

I have two boys, Cameron who is 1 and Chase who is 7. All of my free time is spent with them. We love outdoor activities, sports, and games. We are a very competitive bunch. I have been with their father for 9 years!

I would say one of my best qualities is building great personable relationships with my clients. I am a very trustworthy person which makes the sales process a lot smoother for customers and for myself.

Margaret Martin, Internet Coordinator

I have worked in the automotive dealership industry for over 20 years now. Here at Grand Blanc Motorcars for 5 years. Most of my time has been spent is the Accounting and Finance areas of the dealership and now I head the Internet Department. This new position has brought new challenges and excitement to both my professional and personal life.

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my very large family. This includes my parents, numerous brothers and sisters, tons of nieces and nephews and most importantly, my daughter. My daughter and I enjoy traveling and are able to visit quite a few places with the family spread across the USA. I also enjoy participating in the Crim Festival of Races held every year in downtown Flint, volunteering at the hospital, painting and enjoying the great outdoors.

I am very much a people person and Grand Blanc Motorcars has given me the opportunity to interact with people and help them with the purchase of a great BMW, Mercedes or Toyota.



Chris Hunt, General Manager

Doug Ulin, Toyota Sales Manager

Brent Edwards, Service Director

Jerry Kuchar, Parts Director

From a young age I was fascinated by vehicles.  I took Automotive classes in High School as a Freshman and Sophmore, eventually working my way up to actually Teaching the class my Senior year.  I then attended MSU (Go Green!), for two years, where I continued my Automotive education.  I continue to love all the challenges that come with the Automotive business. 

When I am not here at the dealership, I enjoy spending time with my wife of  23-years, Graciela, our five children, and our 16 grandchildren.  I also spend time everyday thinking of our son, Ricky, who is now in Heaven, after passing away at the young age of 25-years-old.  I take the grandchildren Hunting, Fishing, and boating.  Graciela and I spend a lot of time gardening, cutting trees, and chopping wood.  When I have some time alone, I enjoy watching old western shows. 

My simple philosophy is to treat others the way I would want to be treated.  That is why when you come and see me in the Parts Department, for Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, or Sprinter parts I will be sure to give you a fair price and great service.  I look forward to seeing you at Grand Blanc Motorcars.


Business Office

Michele Lyden, Business Manager

I started in the business 15 years ago as a Receptionist and quickly moved up to the Finance Office, where I work to guide clients through an easy and enjoyable car-buying process.  When a client leaves my office excited about their new car, it is the highlight of my job.

When it comes to purchasing your vehicle, I make every effort to provide the best experience possible.  From offering the lowest interest rate available to making you knowledgeable of all of your options, my goal isn't to make a one-time sale; it's to make you a customer for life.

Outside of the office, my husband, Greg, our daughter and I enjoy family excursions to our cabin up north.  We also spend most of our free time with family and friends (entertaining one 4-year-old in particular, our daughter, Savanna!)

I look forward to seeing you at Grand Blanc Motorcars!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have!  

Bailey Bruyere, Asst. Business Manager

I graduated from U of M Flint last year with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I have been at Grand Blanc Motorcars for one year now and I absolutely love it!

When I'm not at work I love spending time with my friends and family, whether it's a road trip or just spending time at home.

I love helping our customers learn everything there is to know about their new vehicles. My number one goal is for you to love your BMW or Mercedes-Benz and be able to use all of the amazing technology they have to offer.



Phil Preville, Toyota Parts Manager

Since breaking into the automotive industry in February of 2015, I have had nothing but great experiences. Through years of retail customer service it was imperative I treated every customer like I would want to be treated. This created a strong sense of honesty and integrity that I consider the best part of my character in and out of work. I always liked the phrase, "you have to take a leap of faith and the trust comes after." It is so important to me that I prove this to every customer that walks into the dealership. I have a feeling it will be critical to my success in the car industry because you know I will keep you informed without bias to help make the best decision possible.

Outside of work I like to spend time outdoors. My favorite activities are fishing and golfing. The thing I like most about fishing is flipping my canoe and chasing after my gear. Perhaps it's untying fly knots on the side of the river, while watching fish surface in front of me. It may be an act of contrition but I still enjoy it. I won't say much about golf because I'm not quite sure why I keep playing. It sure isn't the 18th hole that keeps me coming back!

Steve Gruehn, Parts Consultant



Ron Ruff, Digital Marketing Manager